Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Long abandonned this blog page.

well, it is not that i dont want to blog. itz just, i dont have the time and interest in blogging anymore. maybe.

started 2nd sem. my achievement so far:

1.chairman of young entrepreneurship society
2.vice chairman of entreprenuership society
3.organizing chairman of chinese culture week
4.recruitment drive, fund raising, interaction day organizing committees

maybe i just wanna drown myself with work to forget the past. hoping that it will be the best way to forget one person. anyhow also, i'll just focus on my life and try to achieve the target and my goal of life. wishing her to have a good life over in sg long. i'll pray for you!

met a lot of new people in life. luckily, they are just adoreable. my buddy/brother/heng dai! winn shern. thanks for the support for everything we have done for our society. i think we are the best partnership in the society so far =) met the 4 girls. considered as sisters. life with them are just fun! hehe. my committees/team, we will work together for a long time! thanks for the support!

and wanna wish abigail tan and jessica teh for meeting their loved ones this semester. hope the relationship of both of you will work. god bless.

well, thats all for now.

live life to the max!

cheers =)


  1. gratz bro. You are doing great. jia you. you are not alone.

  2. all the best to u too brother! :) u're already doing pretty well, keep it up yo!

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