Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Long abandonned this blog page.

well, it is not that i dont want to blog. itz just, i dont have the time and interest in blogging anymore. maybe.

started 2nd sem. my achievement so far:

1.chairman of young entrepreneurship society
2.vice chairman of entreprenuership society
3.organizing chairman of chinese culture week
4.recruitment drive, fund raising, interaction day organizing committees

maybe i just wanna drown myself with work to forget the past. hoping that it will be the best way to forget one person. anyhow also, i'll just focus on my life and try to achieve the target and my goal of life. wishing her to have a good life over in sg long. i'll pray for you!

met a lot of new people in life. luckily, they are just adoreable. my buddy/brother/heng dai! winn shern. thanks for the support for everything we have done for our society. i think we are the best partnership in the society so far =) met the 4 girls. considered as sisters. life with them are just fun! hehe. my committees/team, we will work together for a long time! thanks for the support!

and wanna wish abigail tan and jessica teh for meeting their loved ones this semester. hope the relationship of both of you will work. god bless.

well, thats all for now.

live life to the max!

cheers =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Is Worthful

At times, I asked myself this question. I did so much for this person, is it worth?

If you too ask me this same question, I'll answer you, yes! it is worthful. I found my mood to blog today after abandon this page for so long. Let me update about myself, I shifted to 1221 in Westlake where I had a chance to understand her lifestyle and could spend precious 2 weeks with her. Conclusion is, I understand her more when I shifted in and stayed together with her. Understanding her lifestyle and be there for her when she need someone is just the most awesome thing that happen in my life. I appreciate that. And it is definitely worthful.

Being the person to support her and help her from the back will always be my responsibility. Seeing her unhappy when she lost her phone is just unbearable. Couldnt do anything to get her phone back really makes me guilty and i felt useless. I could only say sorry to her for couldnt do anything. Yet, she still comforts me by saying I helped a lot already. But deep inside your heart, I know you dont feel good.

Her farewell is just another sad way to depart. But, since she had already made her decision, why dont we just accept the fact and maintain the relationship we are now. I know people say I'm holding on to things that would not have any return. I know. But, I'm just doing things that I want to do. And I had return. Yesterday I gave her a bag, she smiled. That is the return I am looking for. A smile carved on her face. It is just, priceless.

What would I ask for more?

All these are definitely worthful. It is worthful.

Live life to the max!

Cheers =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Awesome Part 2

Another exciting day in Penang. Had a really nice sleep in the hotel. Then, we are off for another exciting journey in Penang.

The next destination is Kek Lok Si Temple. This temple is just awesome. On the way up to the temple, there are a lot of stalls that sells various types of things. But I can tell you one thing, the techniques the sellers use are just unethical. Imagine a mask where they initially offers you RM30. As we are walking away from the stall, the seller could offer you RM25, then RM15, then RM10, then lastly 2 masks for RM10. They actually marked up the price 6 times. Gosh~

The temple is just awesome with fantastic views and architecture. No words could explain them. Just awesome. I like the view from the hilltop. You could see whole Penang island from there. Again, just awesome! The statue of Guan Yin is just too nice. I couldnt resist myself to take picture of her.

We had Assam Laksa as lunch.

Then, we are off to Queensbay Mall. That mall is freaking big. Even bigger than 1Utama in Petaling Jaya. Recommended for people who are mad of shopping there. Spent around 1 hour 30 minutes there and we are off to Kampar. The most memorable moment is the Neway mascot actually took a lot of picture of us. We invited that mascot to go back UTAR with us. Just awesome! I feel sorry for the people inside the mascot as we are just fooling around with him. Sorry!

Back to Kampar around 8.15p.m. Thumbs up for the organizers such as Wan Pui Yee, Abigail Tan, Caryn Chong and others. All of you did a very very very good job =)

Another quote to share.

Happiness or sadness is not affected by the surroundings. But, your very own thinking.

I dont feel good or comfortable through out the trip. But, I realized that I shouldnt think so much and just enjoy the trip. I felt much more better after doing that.

Live life to the max!

Cheers =)

Just Awesome

I'm back from the 2 days 1 night trip to Penang. This is also the first time I'm actually stepping my foot on Penang soil. Penang is equals to heaven of food. Quite true though, the food there are really awesome. Went to the Butterfly Farm and also the Spice Garden in the afternoon. Butterfly Farm was awesome with various types of butterflies and other insects such as scorpions. Could also find tortoise there. Thanks to Wan Pui Yee for her semi-pro camera. If not, I will be bored to death! Butterfly Farm is really just an awesome place to test your skills on photography =)

Next station is the Spice Garden. The helpful instructor is very knowledgable. He explains every details of the spices available. Those details are just awesome. One knowledge that I got from him is this. If you are scared of lizards. Take eggs shells and put it at every corner of your room. Then, there will never be lizards in your room anymore. Interesting right? I finally get to use my Nihongo (Japanese language) when I met a family of japanese worked at the batik factory. Talking nihongo with them is really a great experience. And their children is just too cute. I asked her how many years old is her in japanese. She answered "yon sai" which means 4 years old.

Food heaven in gurney is just awesome. We tried various types of food until we raise white flag! Gurney plaza is really big. Then, I spent my night at Malaysia Hotel. Though it is not a 5 star hotel, but it is really comfortable! Thumbs up for Chee Choon for finding us these type of accomodation.

So, this is part one of the Penang trip.

I realized that my E.Q is really really low. Emotion actually controls me to react strangely and I couldnt control my emotion for the first time. I know that we tend to do more when we like a person.

Perhaps I had overdone it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Banana

O Hai everybody! :D

I’m Jason’s friend and I obliged to ‘guest blog’ for our Mr Jason here for one day. He did me a favour today, so I am writing this in return for his favour.

HMM.. what should I scribble in here.

How about I start by writing about Jason, since this is his blog anyway, who else can I write about right? Haha. Well, according to my old and rusty memory (I am 81 years old:P), I got to know this dude through mutual friends, the usual hi and byes. However, there was one time where we really got to speak to each other, which was at the KTM station and eventually became quite good gao wans. I still consider him as a good friend although he constantly reminds me that I am fat and ugly and terencat akal without fail every single day. He also thinks that my mother accidentally dropped me when I was a baby that’s why I am who I am now. Thank you Jason -.-


Well, throughout the short duration I’ve known him, I think that he’s one helluva great friend lah. Though stubborn at times, and evil, and ego, and wicked..(ohh, I’m having fun at this, I can go on and on but I think I’ll just stop hereXP) he’s still nice. People, don’t be deceived by his physical, he’s harmless. HAHA

I think he’s sort of going through a hard time now after you-know-what, so here’s to you Jason, “CHEER UP YEA!”:B hoho

Ok, seeing that this blog also lacks photos, let’s try to upload some to humiliate Jason make this blog more lively. Muahaha.

Acting cool eh....

OMG dude! when was this pic taken ah? you looked so innocent here^^ LOLZZ

and last but not least..
















JASON ACTING CUTE!!! HAHAHA this pic is EPIC man!! looooool

Alright folks.Enough of laughing alrdy. It's not nice to laugh at people you know..:D

Ok, that's all for today. Till next time!(or maybe not) SEE YA!!

Signing off,

Lil' Miss Sunshine

Recenty ....

Things werent going as smooth as I expected with Manchester United defeats to Bayern Munich and also Chelsea. The title can considered 70% gone already unless Chelsea drop points in their coming matches. Manchester United was also one goal behind Bayern Munich and hope that they will turn things around in their home tie this Thursday midnight. Losing someone influential like Wayne Rooney affects them a little. This also reflects in our life, losing someone influential and important would affect us. So, cherish everybody you care before it is too late!

I went back for Ching Ming. This is the first time I went to my youngest uncle's "home". When I first saw him, my tears fell down. Not only me, my cousins, siblings, uncles and aunties cried. My grandmother couldnt barely stand up. You can see how bad is losing someone close. Again, cherish the person you care before it is too late!

I had presentation today. The presentation was smooth and we receives a lot of praises from the tutor, Mr. Paul. Mr. Paul is a tutor who would criticise you. Im relieve to get praises from him. He said, "boy boy ... Good job! This is the only presentation group that can make me understand the introduction part." I am glad to hear that as I was the presenter for the introduction part. He further commented that our group's presentation was very good. Thanks for your wish last night. Your wish is the motivation for me to do better. Perhaps it is. And it was proven =)

Again, cherish the one that you love most. As they will make a very very big impact on you!

Remember to live life to the max again!

Cheers =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Long Road

I'm here to make a statement ...

Jason Yeah is not going to give up!

Live life to the max!

Cheers =)